Lefkada is the only island which can be visited without having to climb on board a ship, without ferry boat fares, simply by using the floating bridge that connects it to Acarnania.


The KTEL public buses offer 5 routes (5 hours) daily from and to Athens (378 km) and one route (5 hours) daily from and to Thessaloniki (420 km).

The underwater tunnel of Preveza-Aktion makes it easy to access the island from northwest Greece and the port of Igoumenitsa (100 km), which is a major gateway to Western and Central Europe.

The bridge of Rio-Antirio makes the connection of the island with the rest of Greece and the port of Patra (170 km), which is the second major gateway to Europe, easier.

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From Southern Greece via the National Road of Patra-Athens

Cross the bridge of Rio-Antirio via the Ionian Road and get to Lefkada (by bus, approx. 5 hours from Athens)

From Northern Greece via Egnatia Road

Go through the underwater tunnel of Aktion and arrivie in Lefkada (by bus, approx. 5 hours from Thessaloniki)

By air

With a flight from El. Venizelos or charter from Aktio

By ship

Via Igoumenitsa (which is approx. 100km) or your boat!